Retrospectively Speaking, Part 2: The Korean Connection

As part of Assaulted Fish’s 10-year anniversary, we asked some of our closest friends, fans and families for their memories of the past decade. Today we present our conversation with international fan, Mike Chang.

Mike Chang is a Vancouver Ex-Pat who now lives in Korea but continues to follow us for some reason. (Thank you, Internet.)


He wants everyone to know that he was into and over Gangnam Style before you were.

We spotted him at our Powell Street Festival show this August and forced him to answer questions.

First impressions count. What was your first recollection of Assaulted Fish’s earlier performances?

I’ve only seen AF perform live a total of three times and I just remember them being so energetic and creative.  You got a feeling that they were willing to try anything out.  Pretty adventurous stuff.  They still are kind of that way, but they’re definitely honed their techniques pretty well nowadays.

You live in Korea now and I hear you try to catch a Fishie performance whenever you’re back in Vancouver – are they the most exciting thing since kimchi in your opinion?

At the risk of being run out of Korea, yes, they are the most exciting thing since kimchi.

Do you have a favorite (or most memorable) Assaulted Fish sketch?

The best sketch that comes to mind is the first one they did at Powell Street this summer – the Subtextual News.  So hilarious and spot on observations of the interactions between media personalities and why we watch it. Great piece.

Lastly, do you think any of the Assaulted Fish members might have a successful solo career as a K-Pop superstar?

I think if Psy can make it, then anyone can!

(Interview by Linda Ong)

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