Random Photos from the Archives

Today’s theme is “Hangin’ Out.”

2004 - Perpendicular LooksThe Fish hang out in M.C. Escher’s dressing room.

2009 - Gangstas 4 LifeN-Dub and Aggy-K (AKA Agastya Kohli of the Pork Filled Players) throw out the gang signs for Ribonucleic Acid and Soft Shell Crab.

2008 - Yumi TriviaFormer-Fishes Darcey Johnson and Yumi Ogawa during a break at our 2008 writing retreat in Kelowna. Yumi loves loves loves this game.

2005 - Khaki Shorts Flank Khaki PantsKhaki shorts flank khaki pants. Battle ensues. They realize they have tank tops in common. Peace is restored.

2008 - A Group SelfieIs it still a selfie if three other people horn in on the action?

2005 - Sketchfest VancouverNelson always knows where the best hugs are located (with Livia Scott of MEAT).

(Photos by Kuan Foo)

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