Random Photos from the Archive

The theme for today is “Idiocy.”

2007 - Jenny and Penny - Wizard Pop Princesses

New K-Pop sensation Bada-Bang Bada-Dong.

2007 Clubbing Cowboys

Duck face, Nelson, really?

2010 - VentriloquistIt’s amazing how his lips never move (with Owen Yen of the Pork Filled Players)

2008 - Diana drives her boyfriend to workDiana out for a Sunday drive with her boyfriend (sorry stalkers).

2007 - Dandy DoorwaySomeone – not saying who – forgot to check in at the prop table.

2004 - We won ... somethingNelson does his best Willem Dafoe impression but is unable to prevent Diana from disgracing the group.

(Photos by Kuan Foo except the last one. No idea who took that.)

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