Random Photos from the Archives

In honour of our first Fringe performance tonight, today’s theme is “SHOWTIME”!

2005 - Sketchfest VancouverReady to go! (SketchFest Vancouver 2005)

2007 - Nelson on Opening NightNo opening night jitters! (Vancouver Fringe Festival 2007)

2005 - PantlessDarcey worked on his calves for two weeks to get this look. But only his calves. (Sketch Off 2005)

2011 - Memorizing lines right before the showGeez Diana, if you don’t know your lines by now… (Seattle 2011)

2012 - King and Queen of This ChairThe eternal battle of the black vs. silver Adidas track suits (Powell Street Festival 2012)

2007 - Is she wearing a wig?Is she wearing a wig? Kuan searches for the truth about Yumi’s youthful appearance. (Anniversaries of Change 2007)

2011 - We're so coolKuan remodels the group in his own image. The audience is unimpressed. (Seattle 2011)

2012 - FOBDiana vamps after forgetting her lines (told you!) (Powell Street Festival 2012)

(Backstage photos by Kuan Foo – Powell Street Festival Photos by Ed Lam – Hipsters photo by Ann Chow)

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