News from the Vancouver Fringe Festival

Good morning Fish Fans!

We’re still recovering from our late night opening show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival last night. What a blast! We were absolutely astonished to see a packed house and we would like to thank all of those brave souls who sweated through our act. Apparently Studio 16 gets hotter throughout the day due to the stage lights – and we were the last act of the day – so for once we can say without bragging that we were likely the hottest show at the Fringe last night (har har har). So if you are planning on seeing our show or any of the other fine offerings at Studio 16, particularly the late night shows, please dress lightly and bring water.

We also woke up to the crazy news that we’ve been profiled in the Globe & Mail.

We haven’t had time to see any other Fringe shows yet but here are some sure bets put on by some talented friends of ours from the Vancouver sketch comedy scene that we will definitely be trying to catch:

“Strapless Sketch Comedy”, featuring Jackie Blackmore and Lauren Martin
“The Johnny Tomorrow Chronicles” with Michael John Unger
“I am the Bastard Daughter of Engelbert Humperdinck” with Kathryn Kirkpatrick

We’re also really excited to see SNAFU Dance Theatre’s “Kitt & Jane: An Interactive Survival Guide to the Near-Post-Apocalyptic Future” because we loved their production of “Little Orange Man” at the 2011 Fringe and this is the sequel.

We’ll post more reviews and recommendations as we see more shows. If you see us on the island or after one of our shows feel free to suggest some to us!

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