Thank You, Sketchfest!

What do you call a sold out show with a rocking audience and two other fantastic sketch groups to play with? A really, really, really good way to spend Friday night. How great it was to see Jackie “The Hardest Working Person in Sketch Comedy” Blackmore, Mike Unger and Darren Williams reunite as The Skinny. (Just a brief eight years ago we were all crammed together into the tiny stage at the Media Club, featuring a single wing created by the strategic placement of a movie screen. Clearly we are moving up in the world.) And how great to share the stage with Jackie’s new group Strapless Sketch Comedy, featuring our old friend Lauren Martin (previously of the Crawford Twins) and new friends Megan Phillips, Sidika Larbes, and Iva Kapsikova. And to cap it all off, Morgan Brayton, the Queen (or at least the Duchess) of Sketch Comedy was in the audience. I’m pretty sure we could hear her laughing even from backstage.


The Skinny – We’ve known them for 8 years and they can still actually fit into the same costumes (damn them).

Big, big thanks to Lola and Broden, the crack tech team at Studio 1398, who made our show run extra smoothly, our lovely and amazing host Brad McNeil, and to Peter Carlone and Alistair Cook and the rest of Sketchfest organizers and volunteers inviting us to play and for making this all possible.

Our show is done but Vancouver Sketchfest continues tonight! Hope to see you there!

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