Big Kiss to the Powell Street Festival!

10527528_433869703421995_4542055406725120354_nThank you again Powell Street Festival for another year of inviting us out to play. Incredible kudos must be given to Kristen Lambertson and her administrative team who managed to relocate almost the entire festival at very short notice. Also what would the festival be without all of the other fabulous staff and volunteers who do everything from building the venues to making the sure the recyclables are correctly separated. We cannot stress enough how much we love to be a part of one of the few festivals that truly reflects the community and the people who participate.

Big thanks again to Jamie Burns at the FireHall Arts Centre for his technical wizardry and his previously unknown baking skills; to our director Dawn Milman, who wrung amazing performances out of us and our indefatigable stage manager Ann Chow, always cool under pressure (she’s the woman in the corner quietly solving your Rubik’s Cube).

Finally of course, thank you to our fans, old and new. We were a bit nervous debuting all of those brand new sketches but your warm reception and ready laughter soon took care of that. Without you we would just be a bunch of strangely-dressed people emoting into an empty theatre.

See you next year!

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