Victoria Premiere of “SELF-ish” at UNO Fest

self-ish-1008-3Slowly but surely, SELF-ish is getting closer and closer to Vancouver. If you’re in the BC capital this weekend, check out Diana Bang in her show at UNO Fest, Intrepid Theatre’s 11-day celebration of solo performance (May 9-19). Written by Kuan Foo and directed by Assaulted Fish alum director Dawn Milman, SELF-ish tells the story of Esther Jin, a 30-something Korean-Canadian navigating her relationship with her family in the aftermath of a recent tragedy. Don’t worry: there are laughs to be had too!

Visit the Intrepid Theatre/UNO Fest website for all the ticket details.

Yeah, but when do we get SELF-ish in Vancouver?!

In September, Fish Fans, in September. Look for the play at the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival (September 6-16). Show times will be available later in August. Stay tuned!

About the play:

SELF-ish had its Canadian debut at the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival. Here are some reviews from opening night:

“Kuan Foo’s script resonates especially for Asian-Canadian audience members. When Esther’s tears finally come, Bang has no trouble digging deep, and…it’s hard not to feel those same emotions.” — Now: Toronto

“Movement is important here, as are expressions, because they help carry the emotional range and complexity of Esther’s story and character. Bang’s performance is dynamic and delivered everything that this part demanded.

The writing too carried its own force in the most understated way. Written by Kuan Foo, SELF-ish gives us Esther’s voice and the voices of those who we don’t even see on stage (her father, mother, brother, and her boss Daryll) through the impact of storytelling.” — Mooney on Theatre



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