Assaulted Fish crawled their way out of the primordial sludge of the early 2000’s sketch comedy boom to emerge as one of Vancouver’s longest running sketch comedy acts. Audiences of all sizes, shapes, colours and orientations have enjoyed their tightly crafted sketches that range from well-observed character studies to sharp social commentary to surreal slapstick. Since 2003, they have appeared in multitudinous comedy festivals, cultural venues and coffee shops including multiple trips to the CanWest Comedy Festival and SketchFest Seattle and most recently performing sold-out shows at the 2013 Vancouver Fringe Festival and the Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival 2014.

Assaulted Fish’s work has been featured on CBC radio and their short film, Dandy Lions, has been shown in at least two film festivals. They are usually very friendly and would like very much to meet you at their next show (individually and in controlled circumstances).

Current members: (from left) Kuan Foo, Diana Bang, Marlene Dong, and Nelson Wong.

Fish Sandwich


“…Assaulted Fish do absurdity at least as well as ethnicity…” – Jerry Wasserman, The Province, September 2013

“4 stars out of 5… It’s clear that all those years together have paid off with pieces that are literate, provocative, sometimes beautiful and quite often hilarious…” – Erika Thorkelson, The Vancouver Sun, September 2013

“Mr. Wong is gay.” – Best Dish at Fringe? Assaulted Fish – Marsha Lederman, The Globe & Mail, September 2013

“By making misrecognition an integral component of their comedy practice, Assaulted Fish issues a provocative call to attend to the limits of recognition in order to reconsider how the political imaginaries that subtend Asian Canadian critical practice might be destabilized as they unfold in daily lives and situations.” – Christopher “No, Not Saruman” Lee, PhD