Strangers on a Train Reading – February 19

Hi Fish Fans!

Still fresh and glowy from his success at the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival, Kuan will be one of the featured writers at Strangers on a Train, a literary reading series hosted by the English Department at Langara College.

He’ll be sharing excerpts from his recent Pick of the Fringe play SELF-ish, as well as Blood Makes Noise, which had its debut in Seattle as part of a staged play reading festival.

Admission is free and everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there!

Where: The Kino Cafe (3456 Cambie St. between W. 18th and 19th Ave.)

When: Tuesday, February 19, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

More infoLangara English Facebook page

SOAT Poster-Kuan-Feb 2019

Kuan’s Photo: Marlene Dong | Poster: Langara Communications & Marketing Department

SELF-ish at the Vancouver Fringe Festival!


What has Assaulted Fish been up to lately? Glad you asked!

After slowly creeping her way across Canada, Assaulted Fish’s Diana Bang finally brings her critically acclaimed one-woman show SELF-ish home to Vancouver as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Written by fellow Fish, Kuan Foo and directed by Fish-alum Dawn Milman, SELF-ish tells the story of Esther Jin, a 30-something Korean-Canadian navigating her relationship with her family in the aftermath of a recent tragedy. It’s a bit funny, it’s a bit sad – sort of like life.

Here’s what others have said about the show:

“Kuan Foo’s script resonates especially for Asian-Canadian audience members. When Esther’s tears finally come, Bang has no trouble digging deep, and…it’s hard not to feel those same emotions.” — Now: Toronto

“Movement is important here, as are expressions, because they help carry the emotional range and complexity of Esther’s story and character. Bang’s performance is dynamic and delivered everything that this part demanded.

The writing too carried its own force in the most understated way. Written by Kuan Foo, SELF-ish gives us Esther’s voice and the voices of those who we don’t even see on stage (her father, mother, brother, and her boss Daryll) through the impact of storytelling.” — Mooney on Theatre

“Funny, human and universal…” — Culture Vulture TV

When: September 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 & 15

Where: The Revue Stage, 1601 Johnston St on Granville Island

Cost: $15 + $7 Fringe Membership

General admission seating. No latecomers. Rated 14+ (coarse language).

Click here for show times and to purchase tickets.

Hope to see you there!


Happy Birthday, Pork Filled Players/Productions!


Dear Pork Filled Productions (née Pork Filled Players) AKA “The PFPs”,

Happy 20th Birthday from your Canadian cousins!

Twenty years is long time to be doing anything – not to mention doing it well. For the past two decades, through the vehicle of comedy, the PFPs have been an industrious, energetic and inspirational megaphone for diversity, amplifying stories that need to be told and gleefully staking out a place for the marginalized. And they’re not even old enough to drink yet.

If we had to pick three words to describe the PFPs, they would be “Yummy”, “Funny” and “Generous.” The next three words would probably be “Important” followed by various sloppy, kissing sounds and then finally “Generous” again, because that’s important enough to mention twice. You simply cannot tell the story of the PFPs without talking about their generosity – the generosity of their spirit, the generosity of their talent, and the generosity of their mission.


We first encountered the PFPs at a sketch comedy competition held a long time ago in a faraway land (well, actually 2003 in Vancouver, Canada). We were a bunch of rookie upstarts in khaki pants with the ridiculous name, Assaulted Fish. They were the polished veterans. They sang! They danced! They ate fire! We were immediately struck by two things: number one, “Holy Cow, these Americans are really funny!” and number two, “Wow, they’re super nice people, too!” And also a third fleeting thought, “Who’s this Roger Tang guy who seems to be lurking around in the background all the time? He doesn’t ever seem to be doing anything…”

Ah, what fools we were.


It could have ended there but it didn’t (and this is where the generosity part really starts). Unbeknownst to us, the PFPs were keeping tabs on us; not in an obsessive, creepy way, but enough to know that we had lasted longer than the usual two-year mayfly existence of most sketch comedy troupes. And here’s the thing: they invited us down to Seattle to perform with them. Not once, not twice, but year after year after year. They shared their stage with us. They shared their audience with us. They even shared their living quarters with us, despite the fact that not all of us are regular bathers. But more than anything, they shared their mission with us. Watching the PFPs in action confirmed for us that it was possible to use comedy to tell powerful, inclusive, entertaining stories through our unique perspective as Asian North Americans. We all have stories to share, and they’re valid and worthy and most of all, ours to give voice to.


Over the years, it has been thrilling to watch the PFPs evolve from a sketch comedy troupe to a full-fledged theatre company. Similarly, it has been exciting to see the individual members change and grow in their artistry even if their paths eventually led them away from the main group.

Little did we know on that day so long ago, when we first saw them march across the stage dressed like Dim Sum, that this would lead to a personal and professional friendship that has so far lasted for 15 years. Congratulations PFPs, and thank you for the memories, the opportunities and the comradeship.


Here’s to 20 more years!

With love from

Diana, Marlene, Kuan & Nelson

AKA Assaulted Fish


Fish at the VIFF


Need a Fish fix this coming week? Check out Nelson and Diana at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Nelson will be appearing in Meditation Park, the latest film from Vancouver director, Mina Shum (Double Happiness), starring Cheng Pei-Pei (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy). (Showtimes: Sept 28, 30 & Oct 11)

Diana will be in Entanglement, starring Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley) and Jess Weixler (The Good Wife). (Showtimes: Sept 30 & Oct 7)

As an added bonus Diana’s sister, Andrea Bang (Kim’s Convenience) will be appearing in Public Schooled. (Showing Oct 2)

April Fooligans

Chelsea-Mom“We only need one more to form a proper coven.”

Yes, it is April the 2nd and the brief annual window for playing mean pranks or spreading fake news stories via social media with complete impunity has closed for another year. However, it’s not too late to catch the April Fool’s edition of THE FLAME storytelling series on April 5th at the Cottage Bistro. Guest hosted by the inimitable Morgan Brayton, this year’s show features the tallest and shortest members of Assaulted Fish (that’s them up above in case you didn’t know). Details below!

7-9 PM, April 5th, 2017
Cottage Bistro, 4470 Main Street, 7-9pm.
Admission by donation.


Diana at the VAFF


Hey everyone,

Our very own, Diana “sister of Andrea” Bang is taking part in a discussion on “Asians in Movies” as part of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival. Catch her Saturday, November 5, at 12:15 PM as she shares her adventures as actor, comedian and all-around cool person along with panel of industry worthies including Jeff “father of Hudson” Yang.

Details of this and other industry panels here.


VAFF’s film line-up is here.

Strangers on a Train

Hey Fish Fans:

This Tuesday, Marlene’s doing a reading as part of the “Strangers on a Train” reading series put on by the English Department at Langara College. Admission is free, all are welcome.

Where: The Kino (3456 Cambie St.)

When: Tuesday, October 25 at 7:00 pm

Promo Thx: Deborah So | Photo of Marlene Thx: Jennifer Oehler

1410-0356-RS Arts-HUM-ENGL-Poster Oct_Draft_low-res.jpgPromo Thx: Deborah So | Photo of Marlene Thx: Jennifer Oehler

No, we didn’t photoshop this.

Diana BangCheck out the December issue of Vanity Fair for a great article about Angelina Jolie, an excerpt from Angelica Huston’s upcoming memoir and some interesting speculation about the mystery of Van Gogh’s death. (For some reason, Diana’s in there too.)

Deep in the Heart of Vancouver


The Fish are returning to the Heart of the City Festival for first time since 2009 for a free night of comedy on Friday Oct. 25 at the Gallery Gachet. By coincidence, the festival, which is an annual showcase for the art and diversity of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community, is also celebrating its tenth anniversary. (Clearly 2003 was very good year).

Here are the details:

Friday October 25, 7pm–9pm
Gallery Gachet, 88 E. Cordova

The Heart of the City Festival is tickled silly to present an evening of stand up and sketch comedy that celebrates the resilience and diversity of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The first half of the evening features comics from Stand Up for Mental Health with guest host Randy Goodchild and our local favourite funny guy Paul Decarie. What’s so funny about mental health? Come and find out!

The second half of the evening we are thrilled to welcome back Vancouver’s longest-running Asian-Canadian sketch comedy collective, Assaulted Fish (aka Diana Bang, Marlene Dong, Kuan Foo and Nelson Wong). With edgy writing and energetic performances, everything from birth to reincarnation is fair game for the comedy troupe. Assaulted Fish is delighted to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the 10th Annual Heart of the City Festival.

Playing The Ghost Horse Play


The Fishies were recently interviewed by Felicity Wang for the Vancouver Chinese newspaper, Sing Tao. You can read the original Chinese article here, or you can try your luck with the following version, courtesy of the randomly accurate Google Translate:

“Salted” decades into the mainstream comedy sketch show to help change the stereotype of Asian [2013-09-29]

Photo : reporter Wang Lu

” We want to break the stereotype of Asian society (stereotype), the diversity of the sketch comedy show to bring more viewers .” Composed by a group of Asian Vancouver comedy troupe ” salted ” (Assaulted Fish) members pointed symbol Yongkuan they spent ten years into the predominantly white areas show and will continue to move forward.
Fu Chinese Deng Minling Yongkuan with another regiment , in conjunction with the square surnamed Yang Mingdaiannuo Korean members (Diana Bang), Saturday to accept the ” Sing Tao Daily ” interview , recalled ” salted ” integral to the 10th anniversary traversed road.

Turning into the group an opportunity to break Yongkuan said he read in the local ” comedy ” show, found that some Asian or Asian performers, will be manufactured in Asian stereotype humor , such as the Asian drivers driving habits are well, Asian dare eat any living thing and so on. He said that he and like-minded members of the establishment ” salted ” , is to break these stereotypes to explore death , aging, homosexuality , the outside world seems relatively taboo topic among the Asian population .

Fu Yongkuan example that they once five years ago at the Greyhound bus (Greyhound bus) , and the passengers sitting next beheading Chinese murderer Weiguang (Vince Li) as a blueprint for the press , created three roles have heard the killer is Aboriginal, Caucasian and Chinese , the biased discussion , and finally by the first four characters points out , people watch the news , we should not look at ethnicity , but Greyhound bus in the event of casualties situation.

Asian taboo topics discussed Dengmin Ling said they were in the creation of the script, not out of Asian identity , but the use of ethnic background , combined living or current affairs , with a humorous plot, so that more people watch comedy, feel both humor, while reflection of life.

Fang Diana admitted that although the theater performances meager salary , but it is their rare creative platform , but also to like her petite stature Korean woman , but also on the stage ” playing the ghost horse play ,” enjoy the play .
Dengmin Ling said that this year once again at the Fringe Festival performances are well on their 10th anniversary commemoration . ” Salted ” by the obscurity , has three times to participate in many local theaters are yearning for the Vancouver Fringe Festival (Vancouver Fringe Festival), as well as to the United States Seattle Theatre.

” Salted ” welcome Chinese and more ethnically diverse audience, in October 25th to Vancouver ” Heart of the City Festival” (Heart of the City Festival), watch their performances. For more information , you can log in. browsing.”

(Photo by Felicity Wang)

And here’s the Vancouver Sun’s Review!

Hooray! The Vancouver Sun likes us too!

“Assaulted Fish: Sacred and Profane

Where: Studio 16

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

For their 10th anniversary, Vancouver sketch comedy group Assaulted Fish has gathered a selection of their best bits. It’s clear that all those years together have paid off with pieces that are literate, provocative, sometimes beautiful and quite often hilarious. Highlights include a little girl’s talk show where she tortures her reticent teddy bear, a complex takedown of Haruki Murakami’s post-modern self-preferentiality and a terrifyingly perfect ode to hand sanitizer. — Erika Thorkelson”


Reviewed by the Vancouver Province!

Check out this great review of our show by Jerry Wasserman in the Province!

“Vancouver’s Asian-Canadian sketch comedy group Assaulted Fish scores many more hits than misses with Sacred & Profane, a selection of their skits from the past decade. Diana Bang, Marlene Dong, Kuan Foo and Chris Lam riff hilariously on gender and ethnicity: four Dr. Wongs treating a comatose patient, two gay Chinese guys working on the trans-Canada railroad, Japanese salarymen going through their day with desperate mechanical precision.

Much of their stuff has a political edge, especially a skit in which they discuss how race and gender are encoded in newspaper reports of a mugging. But they’re also happy to skew the pretentious absurdity of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami in an elaborate highbrow sketch that shows off director Laura McLean’s comic chops.

Assaulted Fish do absurdity at least as well as ethnicity. I loved their very funny song about hand sanitizing, a sharp sketch of a kid and her mom presenting show and tell with Mr. Bunny and Mr. Teddy, and a delicious solo turn by diminutive Ms. Bang who shows us how to do Sexy on a Budget. Think tissue-box shoes and garbage-bag dress.”

Two more shows to go, hope to see you there!

Retrospectively Speaking, Part 4: The Mentor

As part of Assaulted Fish’s 10-year anniversary, we asked some of our closest friends, fans and families for their memories of the past decade. Today, our conversation with the brilliant and hilarious Morgan Brayton.


It is difficult to know what to say about Morgan because she very likely has said it better herself. So let’s start with what it says on her website:

“Canadian Comedy Award nominee Morgan Brayton makes her home in Vancouver, British Columbia (that’s in Canada) where she performs, writes and enjoys vegan cupcakes with her wife, her two amazing kids and an excessive number of cats. Morgan is the writer/performer of the award-winning and critically acclaimed one-person shows Girls Like Me and Raccoonery!. She was half of the comedy duo The Crawford Twins and a former member of the popular sketch troupe 30 Helens. Morgan has been a featured performer at Toronto’s We’re Funny That Way Festival, the Vancouver Comedy Festival, Seattle SketchFest and on CBC’s The Debaters and played Mickey Dolenz in a self-produced biopic. Possibly. Morgan is also an in-demand event emcee who can be found hosting everything from burlesque shows to awards galas. An accomplished film and television actor, Morgan can be seen on big and small screens everywhere in a wide range of roles such as: Chubby Best Friend, Second Cashier and Person with Face.”

Morgan played a very important role at the beginning of Assaulted Fish’s career (for more on that see the previous blogpost “To All the Troupes We’ve Loved Before”). She has been a mentor, an inspiration, a patron and a friend.


Holy moley – a decade has passed! What has been most notable for you in seeing Assaulted Fish evolve over the last 10 years?

The fact that they still exist after ten years is amazing! And that it’s not just Marlene performing with different people every show, clinging to the name Assaulted Fish, embarrassing herself trying to hold on to the glory days like the guy from Bay City Rollers. Ten years is truly remarkable for any performing group and I don’t know of many comedy groups who last nearly as long so clearly, they have something special going on.

Assaulted Fish fondly call you their mentor – what advice have you given to the group in the early days?

I don’t mean to brag but I am the one who started calling them Ass Fish. You’re welcome. I don’t know if I’ve ever given them any advice. I gave them gigs which is actually much more valuable.

What are some of your fave Assaulted Fish sketches and/or characters and why?

I really love that there is a diversity of styles in their shows, nicely representing the sensibilities of the writers behind them, yet tied together by their signature Ass Fish-ness. But my favourites have to be the more absurd ones. Diana as the lychee stands out. She is just a tiny bundle of hilarity. And the original Sacred & Profane sketch still fills me with giggles. But I love Nelson’s fearlessness (or is it shamelessness?) as he dives into his goofy characters. I love watching Marlene play the straight man then surprise an audience with her ridiculousness. I love the way Kuan’s brain works in his writing and how that cleverness is palpable in his performances too. He’s delightful to watch. Darcey’s “Safety” foreman still pops into my head now and then to entertain me and Yumi has a likeability to her performing that I will always, always love. It is really a special group of people who found each other and who make up this kickass troupe.

How has a troupe like Assaulted Fish paved the way for other comedy groups and comedians?

I think Ass Fish has set the bar really high for groups that have another aspect to their group in addition to comedy. As a “pan-Asian Canadian comedy troupe”, being Asian informs what they do. Of course it does. But there can be a tendency for such groups to use their non-comedic element as a crutch rather than a driving force. (As a queer, female comedy performer I know something of this.) The fish don’t rely on that crutch. They don’t rely on stereotypes to get easy laughs, nor do they accept that they have a niche audience. They don’t. Their audience is broad because they are good. They are smart. They are funny. They are professional. They are slick. The writing is strong. The performances are solid. They speak to and from an Asian perspective but they never let that be enough. I think they have paved the way for more troupes and comedians to be true to their stories and perspectives while continually striving to be the best they can be which, at the end of the day, is what great comedy is, right? Truth. Good story telling. A clear perspective. And finely honed performance skills. Yup, that’s some good comedy right there.

What surprises you the most about Assaulted Fish?

That they still talk to each other after ten years.

If you had to describe Assaulted Fish as a reality show, what would it be? Why?

Ugh, I hate reality television. And I love Assaulted Fish so I can’t even think about this possibility. But I will say that, if it were one of those elimination shows where someone gets killed / voted off every week, my money would be on Marlene because she is quiet but cunning. So, Marlene would win and surprise everyone. Except Kuan is a lawyer so he can’t be trusted at all and would probably find a way to cheat and win. I know, I know, he’s not that kind of lawyer but he’s still a Sneaky Pete! Yup, Kuan would definitely kill another human being in order to win. Okay, so my money would be on Kuan. Hmmm … wait, no one would expect cute-faced Diana. But I can personally attest to her having a wicked mean streak. I’m not going to go into how I know but let me just say I have the scars and high insurance premiums to prove it. So I’m going to change my vote to Diana. Oh, I know what you’re thinking: what about Mr. Popularity, Nelson? Wouldn’t he charm the judges and get the public vote? Wouldn’t he get the coveted rose and marry the farmer? Good grief, it’s like you people don’t even understand how these shows work. Obviously Nellie would get the spin off Honey Boo Boo show. Okay, so my money’s on Marlene. Or Kuan. Or Diana. But probably that Chris guy who is stepping in for Nelson in the Fringe. I hear he’ll do anything for a part.

(Morgan headshot by Michele Brayton – Morgan and Kuan by Nelson Wong – Interview by Linda Ong)

Exclusive Online Contest for UBC Alumni


Did you know that three of the four members in Assaulted Fish are UBC Alumni? Diana, Marlene and Kuan are all proud UBC alumni (and so are director, Laura McLean and publicist, Linda Ong Chan!).

To share the group’s love for its alma mater, we’ll be offering a pair of tickets to the opening night of our Vancouver Fringe Festival show this Friday, Sept. 6 exclusively to UBC Alumni.

To enter, email assaultedfish at yahoo dot ca (Subject Line: Fringe Entry) with your full name and the year you graduated from UBC. Entries accepted until Wednesday, Sept. 4, at 5 pm.

Bookmark this page or follow us on Twitter – we’ll announce the lucky winner by Thursday, Sept. 5.

All performances are an hour long at Studio 16, 1555 W. 7th Avenue. For a full list of performance dates and times, visit  Note: Fringe attendees must pay a mandatory one-time $5 membership fee to First Vancouver Theatre Space. Hold on to your membership ID to catch all other 2013 Fringe shows.

It’s getting real…

Photo Credit: Edward Law |

Holy cow! We made Stuart Derdyn’s Five Fun Vancouver Fringe Festival Finds! Gulp. We’ll try our darndest to live up to that honour (and that alliteration).

(Photo by Edward Law)

To All The Troupes We’ve Loved Before…


A Big Box of Funny – Clockwise from top left: Reid Along With Browning, OPM, Kasper Hauser, MEAT, Morgan Brayton, The Pork Filled Players, The Cody Rivers Show, The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors

By Kuan Foo

One of the greatest things about being in a sketch comedy troupe is that you get to perform at comedy festivals where you can see a lot of great and inspiring comedy. People that we have had the pleasure of seeing or sharing with the stage with over the past 10 years include the Blackout Broadcast, Bucket, Canadian Content, Charles, the Cory and Doug Show, David C. Jones, the Dead Understudies, Hey You Millionaires, the Kupps, KYHU, Obscene But Not Heard, the Skinny, Ten West and the 30 Cent Players.
2004 - With the lovely Kupps

Backstage with Doug Morency and Ayumi Iizuka of the Kupps, the epitomes of class and professionalism on and off the stage. They also taught us that ukuleles are hilarious when correctly deployed.

The following are some of the troupes and individuals who have had the biggest influence on us in our development as a comedy troupe. Thank you all for letting us play in the same sandbox as you. (P.S., I have no idea if those are real titles for the individual sketches I have listed but those who have seen them will know what I’m talking about.)

Morgan Brayton. What can we say about Morgan that has not been said (and likely by her). It is not too much of a stretch to say that we owe our continued existence to Morgan. If she had not plucked us from obscurity, like a Hollywood producer discovering a small-town ingénue at the county fair, and programmed us into Vancouver SketchFest in 2005, we likely would not have celebrated our second anniversary, much less our tenth. Over the years she has been a supporter, a mentor, an ally and an incredible friend. And she is also one of the smartest, funniest, fiercest sketch comedians that we know, whether performing solo or as part of a group. She taught us one of the most important lessons that any comedian can learn: that you are ultimately responsible for what you put on stage and how it is perceived. Or, to put it in her more succinct words, “Never write a cheque that your ass can’t cash.” Personal favourite sketches: Any of the “Button Bradley” monologues, “I want a baby!” (from the Crawford Twins with Lauren Martin), “ICE CREAM!”

MEAT (Elizabeth “Biz” Ellis, Reggan Holland, Becky Poole and Livia Scott). I’m not sure if this NYC group is still around but they were arguably the biggest influence on us in terms of content, philosophy and intelligence. An all-women group that never made women the butt of the joke but instead created comedy that was dazzlingly varied in form and content, sometimes sharply political, sometimes surreal and geeky, but always hysterically funny. We met them at Vancouver SketchFest in 2005 where they immediately took us under their wing and made us feel like a real comedy troupe for the first time. Personal favourite sketches: “Dancing Poodles”, “Black Babies” and “Evil British Children.”

Pork Filled Players (Current line-up Brian Beckley, Matt Dela Cruz, Agastya Kohli, Narea Kang, Maggie Lee, May Nguyen, Melissa Slaughter, Roger Tang, Brad Walker,  Owen Yen and Yvette Zaepfel), OPM (Charles Kim, Ewan Chung and others), 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors (Michael Hornbuckle, Greg Watanabe and Peter Wong). I’ve lumped these three groups together not just because they are all Asian American, you racist, but also because they were all instrumental in showing us that you could be respectful and true to your identity but not restricted by it. I remember being asked at a panel discussion if we found being an Asian Canadian comedy troupe “limiting.” The answer is that we find being an Asian Canadian comedy troupe about as limiting as Monty Python found being a troupe of freakishly tall, Oxbridge-educated Englishmen limiting, which is to say, being an Asian Canadian comedy troupe is only limiting if you think being an Asian Canadian is limiting. These three groups are anything but limited and we have been honoured to perform with and be inspired by all three over the past decade. OPM, alas, have hung up their spurs but the PFPs and the Warriors are still going strong. Personal favourite sketches: PFPs “I’m dead”,  OPM “Homeless Chinese woman”, 18MMW “Citizenship test”

Reid Along With Browning Stretch Yoga MP3

Reid Along With Browning (Matthew Reid and Sean Browning). The self-described “thinking man’s hot bowl of stupid” are the Pixies of sketch comedy: they are never going to be as popular as Nirvana or Pearl Jam but they are the group that all of the other bands listen to and secretly want to be. Almost impossible to describe except to say that while many groups DO absurdist humour, Reid Along With Browning ARE absurdist humour (and really nice guys to boot). Personal favourite sketches: “Reid Along With Browning: Edgy” “Waiting for Godot: the musical”.

The Cody Rivers Show (Andrew Connor and Mike Matthieu). Probably the most inventive comedy troupe we have ever seen, combining elements of theatre, dance, mime, slap-stick, wordplay, time-travel and wrestling, sometimes within a single sketch. No two sketches are alike or even closely related. I once heard someone describe them as what would happen if Robert LePage created sketch comedy. I would disagree only in that Cody Rivers often transcends sketch comedy altogether. Personal favourite sketches: I don’t even know where to begin.

Kasper Hauser (Rob Baedeker, Dan Klein, James Reichmuth and John Reichmuth). Watching them is like entering an alternate universe where you no longer make sense. They are masters of taking a offbeat premise and playing it out to its (il)logical conclusion with complete commitment. And they once did an entire show in clown suits. Personal favourite sketches: “Phone call to the 14th century” “Blaine Cardoza.”

Hey, that’s not Nelson!

Due to a work commitment, Nelson is unable to join us for our Vancouver Fringe Festival run. But stepping into Nelson’s (little) shoes is Jessie-nominated actor, Chris Lam!

Hey, that's not Nelson!

Chris is an actor, director and musician, as well as an alumnus of the Douglas College Theatre Program (2010) and a recent graduate of Capilano University’s Bachelor of Performing Arts Program. He has worked with various theatre companies such as Hoarse Raven Theatre, Metro Theatre, Seven Tyrants Theatre, and Pacific Theatre. He was nominated for a Jessie Richardson theatre award for his role in 100 Saints You Should Know (Pacific Theatre). He recently directed Connected: The Musical as part of Pacific Theatre’s Playground Series. On occasion, he also works as a stage manager and sound designer. His upcoming projects include play development with VACT’s MSG Theatre Lab and Vancouver New Music’s retrospective concert in the fall, and Gateway Theatre’s The King and I in the winter.

Yeah, we know. Chris is one talented guy. We’re thrilled to welcome him to Assaulted Fish for the Fringe shows in September and can’t wait for him to wow you all too. He’s “spec-tac-u-lar!” And he’s also a pretty snappy dresser…

Marlene and Chris

Many thanks to Nelson, David C. Jones and Chris Gatchalian for their help in connecting us with Chris. We’ll miss you, Nellie!

“Prepare To Be Knowledged!”

Knowledge is many things: the goal of the educated, the bane of the superstitious, the end of life’s eternal quest, an educational television network based in Burnaby. What knowledge generally is not is a verb … except as misused in one of the many sketches that we will be performing at the Powell Street Festival 12 noon, Saturday, August 3, at the Firehall Arts Centre.

After our show, you can stroll down to Oppenheimer Park and partake in the rest of the Festival including a trip to the Festival Sales Booth where you will find, available for the very first time, our Assaulted Fish “Prepare to be Knowledged!” t-shirts. Designed by Chris Gunn, these high-quality items are available in men’s crew neck and women’s v-neck, in a variety of different sizes for $25 each (with partial proceeds going to the Powell Street Festival). Be the envy of your one friend who knows who we are!

ImageObligatory torso shots!

If you decide to skip our show and head down to Seattle this August long weekend and are in the (very specific) mood for a Steam Punk comedy, romance, action thriller with dimension jumping and slow-motion kung fu robots, make sure you catch one of the final showings of the Pork Filled Players’ Production of “The Clockwork Professor”. Written by PFP head writer Maggie Lee and starring PFP members Narea Kang, Brad Walker and Melissa Slaughter among others. Show details and tickets here. We caught the show earlier this month and were suitably knowledged.


Warm up to Summer 2013

Sharper news

I read the news today, oh boy.

Hey everyone, news about upcoming shows coming soon. In the meantime, check out the photos from Schema Magazine’s Summer “Warm Up” 2013 event including some shots of your humble sketch troupe in action.

(Photo courtesy of Schema Magazine.)

Friends, Asians and Countrymen

attg-promo-4Everyone was surprised to find that “Asiansploitation” autocorrects to “Awesomeness.”

Lots of plugs this week so pay attention.


(Of course, this isn’t the first time that an adaptation (sort of) of a DHH play has been on Youtube…)

(photo of Asiansploitation courtesy of Asiansploitation)

Pork Filled Fun!


The Pork Filled Players demonstrate one way to draw a crowd.

It’s June and that means it’s “Seattle Sketch Comedy Month”, at least according to those genial folks who bring you SketchFest™ Seattle. What this means is for every weekend this month you get to see Seattle sketch comedy troupes ply their trade at the Ballard Underground (assuming you are in Seattle, of course. The geographically challenged of us will have to stew in our envy). Of course no Seattle line-up would be complete without our Southern cousins the Pork Filled Players who have a few shows lined up for this weekend. Go check them out now!

(photo courtesy of the Pork Filled Players)

“You want to be seen as modern.”

P1030094The Dandy Lions are out for trouble. Co-director Ken Tsui provides the muscle.

Check out this article about fish-friend, filmmaker, podcaster, community activist and all around cool guy Ken Tsui (a man so cool that as of this writing he apparently has three separate IMDB entries) as he talks about bringing a modern touch to the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market. Fish devotees might remember Ken as being one of the co-directors of our film “Dandy Lions“. (He even has a small cameo as a paper boy at the beginning.)

It’s What Keeps Us Sketchy

Thanks for coming out to our show on Saturday! There was a lot of great stuff happening in the city, which is why we appreciate that you joined us for some laughs and existential moments.

A special shout-out to Kristen Lambertson and her team of volunteers at the Powell Street Festival, Jacqueline who introduced us with such poise, tech wizards Jamie and Josh at the Firehall Arts Centre, Ann Chow for being uber-stage-manager Ann Chow, and Laura McLean who makes us all shiny and polished. Thanks also to Schema MagazineDistrict Local, Raz Chan Fitness, and FunFunVancouver for helping to spread the word.

For those who weren’t able to catch the show, here’s a look at one of the sketches we did. We’re pretty proud of this one because it’s DHH approved! See?

Video courtesy of Roger Tang | Seattle, WA | July 14, 2012

Have a great summer and see you again soon!