Random Photos from the Archive

The theme for today is “Idiocy.”

2007 - Jenny and Penny - Wizard Pop Princesses

New K-Pop sensation Bada-Bang Bada-Dong.

2007 Clubbing Cowboys

Duck face, Nelson, really?

2010 - VentriloquistIt’s amazing how his lips never move (with Owen Yen of the Pork Filled Players)

2008 - Diana drives her boyfriend to workDiana out for a Sunday drive with her boyfriend (sorry stalkers).

2007 - Dandy DoorwaySomeone – not saying who – forgot to check in at the prop table.

2004 - We won ... somethingNelson does his best Willem Dafoe impression but is unable to prevent Diana from disgracing the group.

(Photos by Kuan Foo except the last one. No idea who took that.)


Random Photos from the Archives

Today’s theme is “Hangin’ Out.”

2004 - Perpendicular LooksThe Fish hang out in M.C. Escher’s dressing room.

2009 - Gangstas 4 LifeN-Dub and Aggy-K (AKA Agastya Kohli of the Pork Filled Players) throw out the gang signs for Ribonucleic Acid and Soft Shell Crab.

2008 - Yumi TriviaFormer-Fishes Darcey Johnson and Yumi Ogawa during a break at our 2008 writing retreat in Kelowna. Yumi loves loves loves this game.

2005 - Khaki Shorts Flank Khaki PantsKhaki shorts flank khaki pants. Battle ensues. They realize they have tank tops in common. Peace is restored.

2008 - A Group SelfieIs it still a selfie if three other people horn in on the action?

2005 - Sketchfest VancouverNelson always knows where the best hugs are located (with Livia Scott of MEAT).

(Photos by Kuan Foo)

Random Photo from the Archives

2007 - Jackie Adopts....

Jackie Chan adopts the guy from the Klondike Bar Commercial. (2007 Anniversaries of Change event)

Random Photo from the Archives

2008 - Just Another Day by the CoffinOut-take from the coffin photo shoot: Kuan and Diana love themselves, Marlene does a crossword puzzle and Nelson … farts.

(Photo by Dan Jackson)