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And here’s the Vancouver Sun’s Review!

Hooray! The Vancouver Sun likes us too!

“Assaulted Fish: Sacred and Profane

Where: Studio 16

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

For their 10th anniversary, Vancouver sketch comedy group Assaulted Fish has gathered a selection of their best bits. It’s clear that all those years together have paid off with pieces that are literate, provocative, sometimes beautiful and quite often hilarious. Highlights include a little girl’s talk show where she tortures her reticent teddy bear, a complex takedown of Haruki Murakami’s post-modern self-preferentiality and a terrifyingly perfect ode to hand sanitizer. — Erika Thorkelson”


Reviewed by the Vancouver Province!

Check out this great review of our show by Jerry Wasserman in the Province!

“Vancouver’s Asian-Canadian sketch comedy group Assaulted Fish scores many more hits than misses with Sacred & Profane, a selection of their skits from the past decade. Diana Bang, Marlene Dong, Kuan Foo and Chris Lam riff hilariously on gender and ethnicity: four Dr. Wongs treating a comatose patient, two gay Chinese guys working on the trans-Canada railroad, Japanese salarymen going through their day with desperate mechanical precision.

Much of their stuff has a political edge, especially a skit in which they discuss how race and gender are encoded in newspaper reports of a mugging. But they’re also happy to skew the pretentious absurdity of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami in an elaborate highbrow sketch that shows off director Laura McLean’s comic chops.

Assaulted Fish do absurdity at least as well as ethnicity. I loved their very funny song about hand sanitizing, a sharp sketch of a kid and her mom presenting show and tell with Mr. Bunny and Mr. Teddy, and a delicious solo turn by diminutive Ms. Bang who shows us how to do Sexy on a Budget. Think tissue-box shoes and garbage-bag dress.”

Two more shows to go, hope to see you there!