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Playing The Ghost Horse Play


The Fishies were recently interviewed by Felicity Wang for the Vancouver Chinese newspaper, Sing Tao. You can read the original Chinese article here, or you can try your luck with the following version, courtesy of the randomly accurate Google Translate:

“Salted” decades into the mainstream comedy sketch show to help change the stereotype of Asian [2013-09-29]

Photo : reporter Wang Lu

” We want to break the stereotype of Asian society (stereotype), the diversity of the sketch comedy show to bring more viewers .” Composed by a group of Asian Vancouver comedy troupe ” salted ” (Assaulted Fish) members pointed symbol Yongkuan they spent ten years into the predominantly white areas show and will continue to move forward.
Fu Chinese Deng Minling Yongkuan with another regiment , in conjunction with the square surnamed Yang Mingdaiannuo Korean members (Diana Bang), Saturday to accept the ” Sing Tao Daily ” interview , recalled ” salted ” integral to the 10th anniversary traversed road.

Turning into the group an opportunity to break Yongkuan said he read in the local ” comedy ” show, found that some Asian or Asian performers, will be manufactured in Asian stereotype humor , such as the Asian drivers driving habits are well, Asian dare eat any living thing and so on. He said that he and like-minded members of the establishment ” salted ” , is to break these stereotypes to explore death , aging, homosexuality , the outside world seems relatively taboo topic among the Asian population .

Fu Yongkuan example that they once five years ago at the Greyhound bus (Greyhound bus) , and the passengers sitting next beheading Chinese murderer Weiguang (Vince Li) as a blueprint for the press , created three roles have heard the killer is Aboriginal, Caucasian and Chinese , the biased discussion , and finally by the first four characters points out , people watch the news , we should not look at ethnicity , but Greyhound bus in the event of casualties situation.

Asian taboo topics discussed Dengmin Ling said they were in the creation of the script, not out of Asian identity , but the use of ethnic background , combined living or current affairs , with a humorous plot, so that more people watch comedy, feel both humor, while reflection of life.

Fang Diana admitted that although the theater performances meager salary , but it is their rare creative platform , but also to like her petite stature Korean woman , but also on the stage ” playing the ghost horse play ,” enjoy the play .
Dengmin Ling said that this year once again at the Fringe Festival performances are well on their 10th anniversary commemoration . ” Salted ” by the obscurity , has three times to participate in many local theaters are yearning for the Vancouver Fringe Festival (Vancouver Fringe Festival), as well as to the United States Seattle Theatre.

” Salted ” welcome Chinese and more ethnically diverse audience, in October 25th to Vancouver ” Heart of the City Festival” (Heart of the City Festival), watch their performances. For more information , you can log in. browsing.”

(Photo by Felicity Wang)